Places Where I Teach: Summit Yoga

This studio is figuratively, and literally, close to home. Tucked away on Hope Street, in my own little neighborhood on the East Side of Providence, Summit is a new arrival to the community. The fresh white walls and minimalist decor gives breath and class to this little Hope Street treasure.

summitSummit offers an array of classes, from Power Vinyasa and Yoga Sculpt to Hatha with Reiki Healing and SPA Yoga. The variety is fun and refreshing.

I teach Flow and Restore, an all-levels class that incorporates soft movement through the first half of class, followed by restorative longer-held poses aimed to relieve tension in the legs, spine, and hips. The combination will leave you feeling stretched out and relaxed.

You can catch class with me:

  • Wednesdays 8:15p – 9:15p
  • Sundays: 4p – 5:15p

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